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Apache FOP v2.7 Release

- Wednesday, 9th February 2022

Docuneering has now completed PDF regression testing against the latest stable release of Apache FOP v2.7 and with no issues found, we will be moving all of our S1000D Print & Publishing solutions to this latest stable release.

S1000D Oxygen XML Solutions
PDF/A – ISO 19005 Enhancements

This latest release of Apache FOP v2.7, includes an XMP Metadata fix which allows users to create a PDF/A-2a file that now passes PDF/A validation. This means our Docuneering S1000D Print & Publishing solutions now support the following PDF/A standards:

  • PDF/A-1 - PDF 1.4 | 1b Basic | 1a Accessible
  • PDF/A-2 - PDF 1.7 | 2b Basic | 2a Accessible | 2u Unicode
  • PDF/A-3 - PDF 1.7 with embedded files | 3b Basic | 3a Accessible | 3u Unicode
Guidance about PDF/A

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