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S1000D Stylesheet Development Sneak Peek

- Thursday, 12th August 2021

To develop our S1000D XSL-FO stylesheets requires a lot of patience ... and a steel ruler.

Docuneering - Steel ruler to measure items on the page

But how do we do it?

Chapter 6.2 of the S1000D specification provides all the relevant information about Page-oriented publications. If you read this Chapter, you will find some quite detailed layout rules with positioning measurements ... lots and lots of positioning measurements.

As a bit of a sneak peek into our development process, while working on our S1000D XSL-FO stylesheets, we have a Development Layer switched On which means PDF output files display all the different page items with contrasting grey backgrounds. This then allows us to position all the different items on the page accurately as we now have something we can measure to or from ... and this is where our steel ruler comes into play.

Docuneering - PDF page with development layer turned on

Output PDF files can be viewed here:

Docuneering XSL-FO Development Layer turned On:

Docuneering Development layer turned Off:

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