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S1000D Stylesheet Long-Term Support

- Friday, 19th May 2023

Dear S1000D Community,

Docuneering have proved it is possible for a relatively small but specialised development team to create a full-fat S1000D Print & Publishing solution.

I have no doubt that our work has inspired some of you to look at developing your own in-house stylesheets because, now you know it can be done, “why wouldn’t you?”.

Well, a quick thought on that...

Just because you can doesn’t always mean you should!

You might "currently" have a dev team who could take a stab at creating some S1000D output, but have you considered any stylesheets they create will require support for the next 10, 15, 20+ years. It’s easy to focus on the "here-and-now" and forget that Aerospace & Defence equipment and its associated Technical Documentation, have an extremely long operational life.

Customers who have licenced our Docuneering COTS stylesheets for inclusion in their S1000D solutions named long-term support as a "top 5" factor in their decision-making process.

Within Docuneering, our long-term succession planning means we are already training the next generation to support our stylesheets, now and well into the future because stylesheets are our raison d'être.

Thank you

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