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S1000D BREX & CALS Table Validation

- Tuesday, 21st March 2023

It is easy to assume that if you "parse" your S1000D Data Modules against their associated DTD/Schema then your data is valid ... isn't it!?

Well ...

"Yes and No"

Your Data Modules may validate against the DTD/Schema but with S1000D, that is only part of the picture. It is important to also ensure your Data Module source data validates against each and all of the following:

  • S1000D Issue Schema/DTD
  • Government level Business Rules Exchange file (BREX)
  • Prime contractor provided Business Rules Exchange file (BREX)
  • Local Business Rules Exchange file (BREX) - These are your own rules
  • OASIS CALS Table

We have created a bit of a run-through of our Oxygen XML S1000D Validation framework to demonstrate the different validation types:

To learn a bit more about S1000D BREX and CALS Table Validation, please...

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