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S1000D BREX Checker

- Wednesday, 2nd February 2022

Our Docuneering S1000D Framework for Oxygen XML will validate an S1000D Data Module against the DTD or Schema but it also validates the content in real-time with a CALS Table and S1000D BREX checker.

S1000D Oxygen XML Solutions

It doesn’t matter if your programme has multiple S1000D BREX files to comply with. We have developed a simple XSL-Transform process to convert all of your BREX files into Schematron files for XML validation. You can then configure one or all of the Schematron files in Oxygen XML to give you the necessary levels of BREX checking.

So ... whether you need a full S1000D Print Solution (with DTD, Schema, CALS & BREX validation) or just a simple tool to batch validate all of your S1000D source data, we can customise our S1000D Framework for Oxygen XML to give you just what you need.

S1000D BREX Checker - Oxygen XML

Docuneering - S1000D BREX Checker

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