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S1000D DM to PDF – German Translation File

- Wednesday, 27th June 2021

This is a demonstration of how to add an additional language to our Docuneering S1000D – Data Module to PDF tool.

The S1000D – DM to PDF tool, by default, is configured to output all generated text using US English (en-US). However, the language attribute and country attribute can be used to output the generated text in a different language.

In the demo video, we have two Data Modules, one is configured as en-US and the other as de-DE. With the default DM to PDF setup, both files will have US English generated text.

To output the generated text in a different language, navigate to the saxon folder located inside the S1000D – DM to PDF installation folder. From here, there is a subfolder called lang and it is in that folder the stylesheets expect to find any translation files.

In the demo video, we copy and paste the en-US.xml file and rename it de-DE.xml. We then translated the US English to DE German. Apologies to all native German speakers for any poor translations, we used Google Translate to prove the principle.

We now need to tell the S1000D – DM to PDF tool to use the Data Module language and country attributes, in the “saxon” folder is a file called config.xml. Open this file and delete “en-US” from the Language override language element and save the file.

When you now run the S1000D – DM to PDF tool it will look inside each Data Module for the language and country attributes and will use those values to find a matching language file.

Output PDF files can be viewed here:



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