Oxygen XML S1000D BREX Validation

Docuneering Oxygen XML S1000D Validation Framework - HMS Sabre - Scimiter Class - Gibraltar

Over the course of an S1000D Project, it is vital to ensure you have a system in place to validate your Data Module source data against each and all of the following:

  • S1000D Issue Schema/DTD
  • Government level Business Rules Exchange file (BREX)
  • Prime contractor provided Business Rules Exchange file (BREX)
  • Local Business Rules Exchange file (BREX)
  • OASIS CALS Table

A good quality S1000D Common Source Database (CSDB) will usually validate your source data but what if your project hasn’t yet migrated into a CSDB.

Oxygen XML S1000D Validate Framework

Docuneering have developed an Oxygen XML S1000D Validate framework to batch validate an entire folder of S1000D source data. Regardless of whether you have just received a new batch of Data Modules from your customer or if you are about to send the latest batch back to your customer, it is important to prove the data is valid before you proceed.

It doesn’t matter if your programme has multiple S1000D BREX files to comply with. We have developed a simple XSL-Transform process to convert all of your BREX files into Schematron files for XML validation. You can then configure one or all of the Schematron files in Oxygen XML to give you the necessary levels of BREX checking.

Docuneering - Oxygen XML S1000D Validation Framework

A view of our Oxygen XML S1000D Validate Framework in Oxygen XML Editor.

Assisted Start-up

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Assisted start-up is a customer-centric blend of product setup support, initial framework familiarisation and a customer specific workshop to ensure you are up and running.

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S1000D BREX & CALS Table Validation

A demo video of our Oxygen XML S1000D Validation framework in action...

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Oxygen XML S1000D Validation Framework

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What about print?

We understand that Authors can also need a physical PDF file for QA review by a Subject Matter Expert (SME) and/or submission to an Equipment Sponsor for final sign-off and approval. With our Docuneering vendor-neutral XSL-FO stylesheets, an Author can open a Data Module in their authoring software and create a PDF file with a single click.

As an indication of the output quality of our XSL-FO stylesheets, we have provided some PDF Sample files for customers to review.

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