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When S1000D went from Issue 3.0 to Issue 4.0, the elements and attributes were changed to a more descriptive naming convention. Authors could potentially create a Data Module (DM) in the raw XML structure view. However, when you move from the creation phase, where structure is "king", to the review phase, where the focus changes from "structure" to "content", then there needs to be some sort of graphical representation of the document.

Oxygen XML Author Framework

Docuneering have developed a set of Authoring stylesheets for our Oxygen XML S1000D framework which provides a near-WYSIWYG layout in both the Oxygen XML Author and the Oxygen XML Web Author environments.

Attribute Aliases

Within our Oxygen XML Authoring Stylesheets, we have made extensive use of the built-in Oxygen XML Form Controls to provide the Authoring team with Attribute Aliases. This means the Author can select a human readable attribute value instead of a coded string...

Docuneering - S1000D Attribute Aliases in Oxygen XML Author

A view of our S1000D Attribute Aliases in Oxygen XML Web Author.

For example, when inserting an internalRef, the Author can populate the optional internalRefTargetType attribute with a value from irtt01 through to irtt16. Our S1000D framework assists the Author by creating Attribute Aliases and presenting the human readable text "Figure" instead of "irtt01" or "Paragraph" instead of "irtt07" (see example screen shot above).

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Main Features...

Our Oxygen XML Authoring Stylesheets create a full-featured S1000D XML authoring environment with...

  • Attribute aliases
  • Full screen view
  • Turn Tag View on/off
  • Oasis CALS Table support
  • internalRef menu item
  • Applicability highlighting
  • Near-WYSIWYG
  • Context-sensitive menu items
  • Emphasis menu item
  • Insert sequentialList
  • Insert randomList

Oxygen XML Author Starter Framework

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What about print?

We understand that Authors can also need a physical PDF file for QA review by a Subject Matter Expert (SME) and/or submission to an Equipment Sponsor for final sign-off and approval. With our Docuneering vendor-neutral XSL-FO stylesheets, an Author can open a Data Module in their authoring software and create a PDF file with a single click.

As an indication of the output quality of our XSL-FO stylesheets, we have provided some PDF Sample files for customers to review.

S1000D Demo files