About S1000D

S1000D is a free to download international specification for the procurement and production of technical publications. It started out as a European specification and was originally known as European Association of Aerospace Industries (AECMA) but it is currently maintained by the S1000D Steering Committee, which includes:

The Steering Committee also includes national industry and defence representatives from most of the countries currently using the specification.

The specification requires information to be created as an individual data item, called a Data Module (DM), using SGML or XML and each DM contains both technical information and metadata. Individual DM’s and any associated content (illustrations, multimedia, training packages etc) are stored and maintained in a Common Source Database (CSDB). The CSDB usually provides work-flow task management and DM version control.

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S1000D - Products and Services

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S1000D Authoring with Oxygen XML Editor

S1000D Authoring

We can provide fully configured SGML and/or XML Authoring environments from industry standard applications like:

  • Arbortext Editor/Styler
  • Oxygen XML Author

Whether you need Desktop or Web Authoring, we have a solution to fit your exact requirements.

S1000D Authoring
Oxygen XML batch validation of S1000D Issue 4.1 data against Schema, BREX and CALS Table

S1000D Validation

Regardless of whether you are sending or receiving, it is important to ensure all Data Modules validate against all of the following:

  • S1000D Issue Schema/DTD
  • S1000D Business Rules Exchange file (BREX)
  • OASIS CALS Table

Validation is your solid S1000D foundation.

S1000D Validation
S1000D Print to PDF with XMLSpy

S1000D Printing

If you don't yet need a full S1000D Publishing Solution but do still require printing of individual Data Modules for review then, we have a solution for you!

With our Docuneering vendor-neutral XSL-FO stylesheets, an Author can open a single Data Module in their authoring software and create a PDF file with a single click.

S1000D Printing
S1000D Publishing with Oxygen XML

S1000D Publishing

All of our publishing solutions have been written to fully comply with the following W3C standards:

Whether you need to publish to PDF or output to HTML5, we have a solution to fit your publishing needs.

S1000D Publishing
Docuneering S1000D Stylesheet Solutions

S1000D Stylesheets

As S1000D stylesheet specialists, Docuneering can provide you with S1000D Authoring stylesheets for Arbortext Editor (FOSI) or Oxygen XML Author (CSS & LESS)

We also provide XSLT stylesheets to convert XML to HTML5 for viewing online or XSL-FO for our "full-fat" S1000D Print Engine.

S1000D Stylesheets

S1000D Example PDF Files

In order to demonstrate the quality of our S1000D stylesheets, we have have put together a few PDF files for you to review and download.

S1000D Demo files