S1000D Validation

A good quality S1000D Common Source Database (CSDB) will usually validate your S1000D Data Module source data but what if your project hasn’t yet migrated into a CSDB. There could be any number of reasons why you haven’t taken the step towards a CSDB but until you do, it is important to setup a validation process to ensure your S1000D Data Modules will not cause you or your customer any problems.

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Docuneering - S1000D BREX Validation

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S1000D - Validation Solutions

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Docuneering - Oxygen XML S1000D BREX Validation

Oxygen XML S1000D BREX Validation

Docuneering have developed an Oxygen XML S1000D BREX and OASIS CALS Table Validation framework to allow customers to batch validate an entire folder of S1000D Data Modules.

Oxygen XML S1000D BREX Validation

What about Authoring?

As well as our S1000D Vendor-Neutral Data Module print stylesheets and our "full-fat" S1000D Publication Builder, we also have a few options for the Authoring process. Whether you’re working with S1000D Legacy SGML source data or you need "XML Web Author" capability, at Docuneering, we have a solution to meet your requirements.

S1000D Authoring