S1000D Authoring

Since S1000D Issue 4.0, the elements and attributes were changed to have a more descriptive naming convention. Authors, already familiar with the specification, could quite easily author a Data Module (DM) directly in the raw XML structure view.

However, when you move from the DM creation phase, where the XML structure is king, to the DM review phase, where the focus changes from structure to content , then there needs to be some sort of document layout. With a graphical authoring environment, both the Author and the Reviewer are able to focus on the technical content of a DM without being distracted by the underlying XML structure.

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S1000D - Authoring Software

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Docuneering Arbortext Editor S1000D authoring stylesheets

Arbortext S1000D Authoring

Arbortext Editor has been the primary SGML and XML Authoring tool within the S1000D community for a number of years now.

Docuneering have developed a set of S1000D stylesheets from the Authors point-of-view. While others have focused on the Printed Output, our stylesheets create a more Author-centric experience.

Arbortext S1000D Authoring
Docuneering Arbortext Editor ATA Spec 1000BR_4.2 authoring stylesheets

Arbortext ATA Spec 1000BR Authoring

Docuneering decided to enhance their S1000D Authoring stylesheets by creating an ATA Spec 1000BR variant.

This means the author will see the same layout regardless of whether they are Authoring, Printing or Publishing.

Arbortext ATA Spec 1000BR Authoring
Arbortext S1000D Solution

What about print?

We understand that Authors can also need a physical PDF file for QA review by a Subject Matter Expert (SME) and/or submission to an Equipment Sponsor for final sign-off and approval. With our Docuneering vendor-neutral XSL-FO stylesheets, an Author can open a Data Module in their authoring software and create a PDF file with a single click.

As an indication of the output quality of our XSL-FO stylesheets, we have provided some PDF Sample files for customers to review.

S1000D Demo files