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Visual S1000D Publication Module Builder

- Friday, 19th April 2024

FREE is not a word you hear very often in our S1000D Community but, for anyone interested, we have found an excellent Visual S1000D Publication Module Builder solution that will cost you NOTHING:

XML Notepad

Developer: Chris Lovett


The XML Notepad Tree View provides a visual representation of the S1000D Publication Module, and the Drag-and-Drop feature means you can easily manipulate the file to create the required structure:

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Visual Publication Module Builder

Visual S1000D Publication Module Builder (XML Notepad)

Drag-and-Drop <dmRef> elements

Instead of manually constructing each <dmRef> element in the Publication Module, it would much simpler if we could just Drag-and-Drop these elements into place.

Unfortunately, the structure of the <dmRef> element is such that it doesn't exists in the referenced Data Modules and as such, we need to construct something to help create the required <dmRef> structure.

It just so happens we created a simple VBScript file for just that purpose.

IMPORTANT: See information below about VBScript files.

Download the dmRefList.vbs file, place it in your S1000D Publication source folder and run it. After the build has complete, you will find a new XML file in the Publication folder called dmRefList.xml.

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The S1000D Publication source folder

This dmRefList.xml file is a disposable file and is used only to provide Drag-and-Drop capability while constructing your Publication Module. Once you have finished with it, you can simply delete it.

Start a new instance of XML Notepad and open the dmRefList.xml file.

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XML Notepad with dmRefList.xml open

XML Notepad with dmRefList.xml open

If you now "snap" the two XML Notepad instances, the one with the S1000D Publication Module file to the left border and the one with the dmRefList.xml file to the right, you then have a setup to allow Drag-and-Drop between the Data Module list and the Publication Module file.

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XML Notepad with dmRefList.xml open

Two instances of XML Notepad open, one with the PM file and one with the DM list

We have also created a full runthrough of the visual S1000D Publication Module Build process here:

And, as always, please feel free to get in touch if you have any additional questions:

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CAUTION: You must NEVER download a VBScript file, or any other script file, from the internet and "run" it without first reviewing the code with a competent person.

There is nothing nefarious in the Docuneering GitHub dmRefList.vbs file but if, for example, this website was hacked, and the hackers changed the above GitHub link to something else then it could spell trouble.

This cautionary note might be a little over the top for the calibre of people in the S1000D Community but, for the time it takes to say it, I would rather it is said and then move on.

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