Brake system – Description of how it is made

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Brake system

Description of how it is made


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Brake system

The most important part of the bicycle is the brake system. Only a minimum maintenance of the brake system is necessary. But, when a problem does occur, make sure you do the necessary maintenance as quickly as possible. If you do not do this the bicycle will be dangerous to use.
There are nine different types of brake systems. The one found on most bicycles is the cantilever brake (refer to Para 1.1).


Cantilever brake

The brake system (refer to Fig 1) has these primary components:
  • the brake lever (refer to Para 1.3)
  • the brake cable
  • the brake arm
  • the brake clamp (also known as callipers)
  • the brake pads (refer to Para 1.2)
Fig 1


Fig 1  Cantilever brake with straddle cable

A cable that goes from the brake levers on the handlebars pulls the two levers on the brakes together. This presses the brake pads against the outer rim of the wheel, which decreases the speed of the bicycle.


Brake pads

There are four brake pads (refer to Fig 2) on the bicycle. Two are found on the front wheel and two on the rear wheel. The brake pads are made out of hard wearing rubber. The pads press against the rim of the wheel to cause friction when the you operate the brake levers.
Fig 2


Fig 2  Exploded diagram of a brake


Brake lever

The brake levers (refer to Fig 3) are easily damaged. The lever is installed in the mount. A clamp bolt holds the mount. This bolt is not visible because it is found in the mount. The lever turns on a lever pivot bolt. The adjuster lock nut holds the brake cable. This lock nut adjusts the tension of the cable.
Fig 3


Fig 3  Typical components of a mountain bicycle lever

The left brake lever holds the brake pads on the front wheel and the right brake pads hold the brakes on the rear wheel.

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